You can find here photos from photoshoots, commercial work based in studio or on location.

Magnum ice cream – Vie Magnifique

Magnum ice cream – Vie Magnifique

I had the immense chance to be recently comissionned by Magnum. They unveiled a competition in partnership with VICE i-D and

they launched it during Cannes’s latest festival in 2015. Independent filmmakers were invited to send in ideas for short films about personal pleasure, indulgence and the joy of letting go.

I have been following the making of of one of those films during 3 days. “KAI” was directed by Andrew Cummings. This short film is based

on the story of a dancer finding her path towards letting go and giving in to pleasure. It has been lovely meeting the dancers and choreographer from the AΦE Company.

You can checkout their film below.


Urban Ballerina photography – English National Ballet on Tour

Urban Ballerina photography

We recently performed in Singapore as English National Ballet was invited to the da:ns festival 2014. The esplanade theater was a stunning place to perform in and Singapore

has been a beautiful city to discover. English National Ballet commissionned me to do a serie of photo shoot to highlight the company international touring tradition. It has been a great fun

scouting for locations and shooting once again those beautiful dancers.

Swan Lake in the round – English National Ballet

Swan Lake in the round

I recently did a photoshoot for the promotional image of Swan Lake in the round. The ballerina is Lauretta Summerscales, Senior Soloist at English National Ballet.

This production choregraphed by Derek Deane especially for the Royal Albert Hall in 1997 features 60 swans.

You can check out their website for more information and book tickets.

Here is the photos I did from the previous performances.


You can check out too the rehearsal trailer.



Ballerina on the beach – Alison McWhinney

Ballerina on the beach

During a recent holiday in Australia, I came across some of the most beautiful locations. It was impossible to ignore such a stunning set up and I decided to quickly improvise a little photoshoot. Thank you to Alison McWhinney for giving me such a beautiful inspiration even though her pointe shoes were quite far away, left in London.

Emerging Dancer 2015 – English National Ballet

Emerging Dancer 2015

Every year, English National Ballet organize the Emerging Dancer competition. This is always an exciting time for ENB, and a really good chance for the young and upcoming dancers to show their talent off. This year for the 6th anniversary, JinHao Zhang has won the competition after his performance of Don Quixote and the beautiful solo he choregraphed himself ( his take of the famous Dying Swan solo).

If you wish to read a full review, I suggest you head to DanceTabs.

Here is a trailer I made to promote the competition. If you wish to see the individual video of each dancer, you can find them on English National Ballet youtube channel.

New Movement Collective

New Movement Collective

New Movement Collective is a collective of  choreographers with a long collaborative working history. Their work is directly presented in response to unusual theatrical settings. They collaborate with various companies coming from different backgrounds such as Dance, Architecture, Music and Film.

This new company is a real breath of fresh air in the contempory scene and Dance in general. I worked with NMC on NEST, as they commissioned me to shoot their advertisment campaign. I also photographed  their previous show, Casting Traces. Working with such a talented bunch of choreographers and dancers has been a real joy. I advise you to check their work out if you have the opportunity.

I Worked with them on their two latest projects.


Casting Traces