Here are all the pictures I have captured during live performances.

In the wings – English National Ballet

In the wings

A few years ago, I captured photos of English National Ballet dancers behind the scenes. It was our Christmas season, and we were performing “Nutcraker” and “Le Corsaire“.

During couple of weeks I would would try to get a glimpse of the action in the wings. Puting make up on, doing class, warming up, pretty much every dancer’s routine. I did find that doing that type of photography was a bit of a challenge for me. Always trying to keep the balance between capturing the essence of their dedication and respecting their intimacy getting ready to jump on stage.

I hope I did them justice as they work extremely hard before, during and after any show you would ever see.

Romeo & Juliet – English National Ballet

Romeo & Juliet – English National Ballet

Here is my latest photos of English National Ballet performing Romeo & Juliet. It was created by Rudolf Nureyev for the company in 1977 based on Prokofiev’s famous score.

You can find more informations on their website as well as booking tickets for their UK tour.

Here is some rehearsal pictures as well.

I worked as well on this short trailer.



Swan Lake – Alina Cojocaru & Alejandro Virelles

Swan Lake – Alina Cojocaru & Alejandro Virelles

Alina Cojocaru has been a star at Royal Ballet for many years before joining English National Ballet in september 2003.

Alejandro Virelles was dancing at Ballet Nacional de Cuba, Angel Corella’s Barcelona Ballet and Boston Ballet bejore joining ENB in 2014.

Swan Lake is English National Ballet most famous production. You can find here more information about this ballet choregraphed

by Derek Deane.



You can check photos from Swan Lake in the round out if you wish.

Swan Lake in the round – English National Ballet

Swan Lake in the round

I recently did a photoshoot for the promotional image of Swan Lake in the round. The ballerina is Lauretta Summerscales, Senior Soloist at English National Ballet.

This production choregraphed by Derek Deane especially for the Royal Albert Hall in 1997 features 60 swans.

You can check out their website for more information and book tickets.

Here is the photos I did from the previous performances.


You can check out too the rehearsal trailer.



Petite Mort – Jiri Kylian – English National Ballet

Petite Mort

Jiri Kylian choregraphed Petite mort in 1991 for the Nederlands Dans Theater. If you wish to learn more about this stunning piece, I suggest you head off to The Australian Ballet’s blog Behind Ballet.

English National Ballet brought Petite Mort to the repertoire for the first time in april 2013 as part of the Ecstasy and Death triple bill.

Emerging Dancer 2015 – English National Ballet

Emerging Dancer 2015

Every year, English National Ballet organize the Emerging Dancer competition. This is always an exciting time for ENB, and a really good chance for the young and upcoming dancers to show their talent off. This year for the 6th anniversary, JinHao Zhang has won the competition after his performance of Don Quixote and the beautiful solo he choregraphed himself ( his take of the famous Dying Swan solo).

If you wish to read a full review, I suggest you head to DanceTabs.

Here is a trailer I made to promote the competition. If you wish to see the individual video of each dancer, you can find them on English National Ballet youtube channel.

Le Corsaire – English National Ballet

Le Corsaire

Le Corsaire is English National Ballet latest classical addition to their repertoire. Based on a pirate story, ENB’s version feature a design by Hollywood film designer Bob Ringwood.



Here is a short film about the rehearsals.

The Royal Ballet – La Bayadère

 The Royal Ballet – La Bayadère

I was incredibly lucky to have Roberta Marquez asking me to photograph her dress rehearsal at The Royal Opera House. It was my first time entering this building as a photographer as well as seing the Royal Ballet production of “La Bayadere”. It is such a beautiful sucession of gorgeous sets, and the story was beautifully driven by Roberta Marquez and Steven McRae. Once again I would like to thank the Royal Opera House for allowing to take pictures of this production.