You will find here all my work on short films. They are mostly related to dance. From Ballet, to Contemporary and Hip-Hop, I like to show all the hard work that goes into preparing for performance.

Stage make up tutorial by Madison Keesler

Stage make up tutorial by Madison Keesler

I decided to invite guests to participate on my blog. It will be posts related to ballet, photography or both. I am happy to welcome as my first guest, my colleague and dancer from English National Ballet, Madison Keesler. She has just started a new youtube channel and I am going to let her tell you what it is all about.



My name is Madison Keesler. I currently dance as a First Artist with English National Ballet. I was very happy that Laurent asked me to write to you all, and I wanted to take this opportunity to share something that is very exciting for me: I have started my own YouTube channel! I’m still putting 100% into my dance career, but I am excited to now have a side project of my own.
When I had my back injury last year and couldn’t dance for two months, I was desperate to find something to put my mind to. I was watching some videos on YouTube and I found myself wondering what it would be like to create my own. I have taken theatre and film acting classes before, but I thought it would be interesting to use my injury time to learn more about everything that goes on behind the camera.
YouTube is a great platform. It offers endless possibilities to show and express whatever you want through film, and the best part is that the viewers don’t expect perfection. So it seemed like a great place for me to start playing around and teaching myself some basic things about filming, lighting, editing and more. Since then I have spent many months researching all the aspects of what being a YouTuber really means – from how Google algorithms work to three-point lighting and everything in between!
There are only one or two other professional ballet dancers who are creating content consistently on YouTube, so there is definitely a gap in the market. I feel that our world as professional dancers is so unique and diverse that there are a plethora of ideas for video content.
For Mad’s Pointe, I want my videos to cover an array of topics. There are so many different, interesting aspects to the world of a professional dancer. I want to film about everything – from beauty-related advice such as hair and make-up, to exercises, cooking recipes and different methods of sewing and breaking in pointe shoes. I also plan to have an ongoing series of Q&A videos where anyone can submit questions.
The first video I have put up is about stage make-up and then next one will be a hair tutorial. As time goes on, I hope my viewers will leave suggestions about what they want see as well. After all, this content is for them and I will be catering to what they want as much as possible.
I hope you have enjoyed reading about my motivations for starting Mad’s Pointe, and where I hope to take it in the future. Please take a moment to check out my latest video below and let me know what you think in the comments section. If you like my idea of a ballerina on YouTube, then make sure to subscribe to Mad’s Pointe to see all my upcoming videos!
Here is a few pictures of Madison

Romeo & Juliet – English National Ballet

Romeo & Juliet – English National Ballet

Here is my latest photos of English National Ballet performing Romeo & Juliet. It was created by Rudolf Nureyev for the company in 1977 based on Prokofiev’s famous score.

You can find more informations on their website as well as booking tickets for their UK tour.

Here is some rehearsal pictures as well.

I worked as well on this short trailer.



Swan Lake in the round – English National Ballet

Swan Lake in the round

I recently did a photoshoot for the promotional image of Swan Lake in the round. The ballerina is Lauretta Summerscales, Senior Soloist at English National Ballet.

This production choregraphed by Derek Deane especially for the Royal Albert Hall in 1997 features 60 swans.

You can check out their website for more information and book tickets.

Here is the photos I did from the previous performances.


You can check out too the rehearsal trailer.



Emerging Dancer 2015 – English National Ballet

Emerging Dancer 2015

Every year, English National Ballet organize the Emerging Dancer competition. This is always an exciting time for ENB, and a really good chance for the young and upcoming dancers to show their talent off. This year for the 6th anniversary, JinHao Zhang has won the competition after his performance of Don Quixote and the beautiful solo he choregraphed himself ( his take of the famous Dying Swan solo).

If you wish to read a full review, I suggest you head to DanceTabs.

Here is a trailer I made to promote the competition. If you wish to see the individual video of each dancer, you can find them on English National Ballet youtube channel.

Modern Masters – In rehearsals

Modern Masters

Modern Masters is English National Ballet latest triple bill. It honours 3 of the most influencal choreographers of the 20th century.

Petite mort by Jiří Kylián, Spring and Fall by John Neumeier and last but not least In the middle somewhat elevated by William Forsythe.

Here is a film about Petite mort, I made from the rehearsals.

Le Corsaire – English National Ballet

Le Corsaire

Le Corsaire is English National Ballet latest classical addition to their repertoire. Based on a pirate story, ENB’s version feature a design by Hollywood film designer Bob Ringwood.



Here is a short film about the rehearsals.

Lest we Forget – English National Ballet

Lest we Forget

Lest we forget was English National Ballet’s programme to celebrate the centenary of the first world war. For his first season at the Barbican, ENB commissioned three major English choreographers. Liam Scarlett, Russell Maliphant and Akram Khan‘s works all brought a real emotional journey to this triple bill. They all took a drastically different take on this dark subject.

Liam Scarlett’s No Man’s Land is about the relationship between men and the women they leave behind. Maliphant’s Second Breath is about the men and their  sacrifice. Khan’s work Dust is about the empowerment of women during the war, especially as they became the main workforce in the country.


You can check out as well the rehearsal film I made.


Swan Lake – English National Ballet

Swan Lake


Swan Lake is one of English National Ballet‘s most famous productions, choregraphed by Derek Deane. Alongside with The Nutcracker, it is simply one the most famous and loved ballets. Based on Tchaikovsky’s fabulous score, this ballet tells the story of Odette. A princess turned into a swan by a wicked sorcerer Rothbart, and that can only be saved by her prince’s love, Siegfried.

Here are a few rehearsal shots as well as performance photos.


Check out below my film based on the rehearsal weeks prior to the show.